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PATH Conference Mission Statement

PATH Conference
Mission Statement

Due to the fact that some have fallen prey to worldliness and the folly of political correctness, we strongly believe that we need forums such as West Coast Conference, On Course, Pacific Coast Camp, PATH, and others of like-mindedness, which allow the five-fold ministry to preach as the Spirit of God gives direction to address and deal with the difficult challenges and issues that confront us today.
PATH Conference is intended to be a blessing and strength to all those that attend by representing all that is Apostolic and bringing to remembrance the teaching of the apostles which include:

The Oneness of God
The Gifts of the Spirit
Separation from the World
The Essentiality of the New Birth
Holiness Within and Holiness Without
Evangelism, Outreach, and Missions—the Process of Reaching Souls!

PATH Conference
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